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Our journey from small beginnings to empowering entrepreneurs worldwide with our innovative solutions.

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Join over 10,000 entrepreneurs who have chosen us to power their online business success.

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Our platform has helped businesses generate over
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Join over 5,000 satisfied business owners empowered by Catali Web Stores' unparalleled solution.

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Count on us for a stable and secure platform that grows with your business.



Customize your store and operations to fit your unique needs.



24/7 customer support to guide you every step of the way.


Transform Your Online Business with a Catali Web Store.


Customizable E-Commerce Store

Set up your e-commerce store quickly and affordably with our easy-to-use platform.

Finance tools

Advanced Invoicing & Analytics Tools

Easily create invoices and track sales with our user-friendly tools. Gain insights into product performance.

Free domain

Branded Domain Name Integration

Get a free domain name to boost your brand's online presence and start selling right away.

Secure Payment

Secure Payment Solution

Build trust with your customers, assure them of value for their payment and watch your sale increase exponentially.

low settlement fee

Competitive & Transparent Settlement Fees

Enjoy lower fees for processing and settling your store payments to your bank.

Multi-Payment option

Multi-Payment Collection Options

Accept payments in different currencies for a seamless global shopping experience.

Dedicated Agent

Dedicated Account Management

Have our managed/dedicated agents handle your web store needs while you focus on other tasks.

Integrated Logistics

Integrated Logistics Assistance Program

Escape logistics hurdle, have our verified logistics partners pickup and deliver your web store orders to your customers.

Integrated Logistics

Flexible Payment Methods

Offer customers flexible payment methods including cards, bank transfers, USSD, QR codes, and NFC.

Join Catali Remote Agent Program as a Full-Time or Part-Time Business Manager for Vendors Anywhere in Nigeria

Point Work remotely and manage businesses from anywhere in Nigeria.

Point Earn competitive salaries and incentives based on performance.

Point Join a supportive community of like-minded professionals.

RAP Agent

Create Your Web Store, Simplify Invoicing, Smoothen Payment Collection, and Do More.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Catali Web Stores?

Catali Web Stores Ltd (CWS) is a tech-driven organization that helps vendors start eCommerce businesses with competitive monthly or annual fees, offering a platform that catalyzes the growth and success of vendors.

What services does Catali Web Stores Ltd provide?

Catali provides a platform to quickly set up eCommerce stores, advertise them in a global marketplace, and manage all aspects of the business through a multi-integrated management dashboard.

What types of businesses can use Catali Web Stores?

Any vendor of products and/or services can use the CWS platform to set up an eCommerce store, whether they are targeting B2C or B2B markets.

What is the benefit of using Catali's AI-powered platform?

The AI-powered platform allows for rapid setup of eCommerce websites, easy management of business operations, and efficient connection with customers and logistics providers, all aimed at accelerating business growth and success.

What is Catali Remote Agent Program (R.A.P)?

The R.A.P. is a program that helps vendors who are too busy or lack the tech-savviness to manage their online stores. Agents take over the setup, management, customer support, and advertising for these vendors.