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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Catali Web Stores Ltd?

Catali Web Stores Ltd is a tech-driven organization that empowers vendors to start and manage eCommerce businesses effortlessly. We offer an affordable platform with innovative systems and strategies designed to drive the growth and success of our vendors.

How does Catali Web Stores help vendors set up their online stores?

Our AI-powered platform allows vendors to quickly set up customizable eCommerce stores. The platform is user-friendly, making it easy for vendors to advertise their products and services in our global marketplace.

What is the Catali Logistics Assist Program (C.L.A.P)?

The Catali Logistics Assist Program (C.L.A.P) helps vendors overcome shipping challenges by providing fair shipping fees during checkout and partnering with verified logistics providers to handle order pickup and delivery, ensuring a seamless and stress-free process.

What is the Catali Remote Agent Program (R.A.P)?

The Catali Remote Agent Program (R.A.P) supports vendors who find managing an online business overwhelming. Our trained agents take over the complete management of their web stores, from setup to daily operations, allowing vendors to focus on other productive activities.

How does Catali Web Stores foster business connections?

Catali provides an inclusive marketplace where buyers meet sellers (B2C) and businesses connect with other businesses (B2B). This fosters seamless transactions, business growth, and a supportive environment for all users.

What support does Catali offer to ensure vendor success?

Catali offers comprehensive support through innovative tools, a user-friendly platform, logistics assistance, and dedicated remote agents. These resources help vendors manage their online stores efficiently, ensuring their products and services are effectively showcased and driving business growth.

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