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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Catali Web Stores?

Catali Web Stores Ltd (CWS) is a tech-driven organization that helps vendors start eCommerce businesses with competitive monthly or annual fees, offering a platform that catalyzes the growth and success of vendors.

What services does Catali Web Stores Ltd provide?

Catali provides a platform to quickly set up eCommerce stores, advertise them in a global marketplace, and manage all aspects of the business through a multi-integrated management dashboard.

What types of businesses can use Catali Web Stores?

Any vendor of products and/or services can use the CWS platform to set up an eCommerce store, whether they are targeting B2C or B2B markets.

What is the benefit of using Catali's AI-powered platform?

The AI-powered platform allows for rapid setup of eCommerce websites, easy management of business operations, and efficient connection with customers and logistics providers, all aimed at accelerating business growth and success.

What is Catali Remote Agent Program (R.A.P)?

The R.A.P. is a program that helps vendors who are too busy or lack the tech-savviness to manage their online stores. Agents take over the setup, management, customer support, and advertising for these vendors.

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